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I have many adult coloring books and find them relaxing and a comfort to me to sit and draw in. Whatever Is Lovely was particularly nice in that it has inspiring quotes from the Bible along with the lovely drawings that I can color in. I use colored pencils for the main areas and then gel pens to highlight areas as well.

I thought it was interesting how they had several different artists create each illustration, so I got to see a variety of styles. I found the quotes to be inspiring and I enjoyed pondering on them while coloring. It was relaxing and helped me to self-reflect.

Each illustration is just on one side of the paper, so they can be torn out and framed, if you like. On the back of each picture, there is more information on the inspirational quote and links to where to go to learn more. I’m really enjoying this book and hope to see more like it in the future!

I received this book from, for an honest review.