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I started doodling just like the author of The Botanical Hand Lettering Workbook, in middle school, after I was done with the assignment and wanted something creative to do. I enjoyed making puffy letters that spelled out my name and then filling them in with all kinds of patterns. Now that I’ve “grown up”, my job is design, but it is almost entirely digitally based. I loved this book, it took me back to middle school and has given me lots of ideas that are more interesting than just retracing my words over and over while I talk on the phone.

While I enjoy digital design, I also love learning to create something myself that looks nice (and not just like an unrecognizable blob which I hoped would be a flower). There’s lots of fun exercises in the book all ready to try out, like practicing making serif letters or learning how to draw within a grid. I also like how it is all in black and white, since I love fancy coloring books, and the author includes lots of her own gorgeous creations that are really fun for me to color in!