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This is truly a keepsake gift for any artist, even if the artist is yourself. I’ve been designing professionally, day and night, for years, so my own art, and my own enjoyment, seems to have kind of gone out the window, some days. That’s why I’m so thrilled with this inspiring and artistic journal! The book itself is beautiful, with very fine, cloth-covered, hard-bound binding, and luxurious full color printing on rich, super thick papers. There’s a ribbon bookmark, elastic band closure, and foil edges on the pages. The concept is brilliant, too.

Designed, I think, for moderate to advanced artists, the the goal is to re-energize your art while doing the same for your life. And it’s helping me so much. Each page is just lovely. The book varies in content throughout with, say, a watercolor painted design, facing two coloring book versions on the following pages. then there’s a mostly-empty page, with an artistic exercise activity, wiht an additional tip for different media or approaches. Then, there might be a page with an illustrated recipe (delicious, well-written, and inviting), followed by another introduction and explanation of another “coloring”/painting section, with a page for swatches of favorite color combinations, after. Beautiful and inspiring!