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We used to live near an airforce base. All kinds of amazing aircraft would fly over us while taking off or landing. My son, naturally, because wildly enthusiastic about these fantastic feats of engineering. So, when he recently took an interest in simple paper airplanes (as all boys seem to do), I got him this. He *loves* it! He is learning to make each of the sleek aircraft within. A few of the designs look similar to real aircraft but are designed to actually fly — a long, long way. From a balcony, one of them will fly 100 feet or more.

They’re really amazing designs and my son is having a great time with it. The book itself is well made for a paperback, printed in black-and-white, with step-by-step diagrams and helpful explanations that seem to be all he needs to get creating. Such a fun and inexpensive hobby! His friends are amazed and ask him to show them how to make their own or make a version for them to keep. Great gift idea!