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I thought these different textured pumpkins from FamilyFun are a wonderful Fall decoration. Any scraps you have that are in Autumn colors would work great and they would all look festive together in a bowl or on a table.

Squash Softies

Fake fur, fleece, or other fabric
Dental floss
Plastic shopping bag
Short stick


For each pumpkin, cut a circle from a piece of fake fur, fleece, or other fabric (ours were roughly 8 inches in diameter). Thread a needle with dental floss and make a knot several inches from the end (you’ll use this tail to tie the floss together). Make wide stitches around the circle as shown, about a half-inch from the outer edge. Pull the floss to gather the edges, and stuff the resulting pouch with a plastic shopping bag. Place a short stick into the hole for a stem, then pull and knot the floss so that the fabric is cinched around the stick.