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This is it. If you (like me) were looking for a book not just about origami but instead one that takes someone from nothing little-to-nothing, and helps them learn and grow their skills, this is the book you’re looking for. The text, photos, and plentiful, step-by-step diagrams are super helpful — more than most. Because the book is directed at beginners, the diagrams are in color.

This helps more than you might think, with one side of the paper colored and the other left white, there isn’t any squinting trying to interpret what you’re seeing. It’s all abundantly clear. Each project includes an explanation of what (and, I suppose, why) we’d want to make an origami sculpture of each animal, or insect, or jewel, etc. Further, during the 35 projects/chapters, there is text explaining when and what new skill is to be learned, which again, is more helpful than you might assume.

I’d say the book, generally, is directed at children although, as an adult, I don’t feel condescended to or anything. I’m just happy to improve my skills in an ordered way that (finally) makes sense to me. My kids are, too! the book is well made, colorful, large, and well over 100 pages. If you’re unsure what book to get for your child’s first origami book, this is probably your best choice.