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Bargello is a style of needlepoint embroidery in zigzagging geometric patterns which are meant to suggest flames. They were famously designed for the Bargello Palace in Florence, Italy, which is now an art museum. The vibrant designs are super colorful and radiant, and known for being both eye-catching and durable. This book for middle-to-advanced experts features lavish photos and includes step-by-step instructions for making these easier than you’d think. Just gotta keep up your counting!

The book includes a helpful introduction and tips section, along with instructions for each of the main Bargello stitches: Climbing brick, Parallel brick, Curve, Scottish, Leaf, Flame, and Hungarian. The designs are arranged from easy to hard. The book is well-made and designed, with color throughout. If you have an interest in Bargello, this is the book for you (and me)!

This is a lovely guide to learning how to knit (well)! It looks great, and is remarkably well designed and written. It’s well-bound and printed on thick ivory paper, with excellent color photography throughout, showing step by step photos and completed works, including on models.

It features an extended getting started section, essential stitches and techniques, stitch patterns for texture, knitting in the round, colorwork, and finishing techniques. It can be used as a training book and as a reference guide. It’s really well done and I can see the care that went into creating it on every page. A must-buy for beginners!