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As a graphic designer, I’ve been studying calligraphy for decades. I’ve owned and studied dozens of books on the topic, many of them classics, focusing on the long tradition of lettering. Yet, I must say, for calligraphers today, this is likely the finest book on the topic today. Without exaggeration, it is marvelous, cover to cover. The printing quality is exceptional. There are rich colors in each of the plentiful full-color photos. The high-quality paper offers vivid color reproduction, even in superfine details, throughout. Within the cardstock cover, the book uses a spiral binding, for laying the book flat while working. Very helpful!

The book is well-written, with helpful hints which would be hard to find elsewhere. For instance, the brief descriptions and reviews of nibs available today save money, time, and aggravation. I love how some pages, like the listing of recommended inks, are painted, with descriptive calligraphic text — suitable for framing, I kid you not. New and experienced calligraphers will find tips — such as pencil warm-ups of the specific strokes within each style — are a lifesaver for building muscle memory.

The book is very well-considered. For example, the actual typefaces are shown with colored directional arrows. It’s easy to see the process of creating each letter at a glance. The appendices of additional resources, glossary, and grids and guides are super helpful, too.

Especially if you’re considering calligraphy professionally, this book is a must-have. I love it!