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My tween daughter had been asking me if she could learn how to knit and even though I had learned at her age, I thought I needed some extra help in explaining the steps to start out. So, I got her a pair of medium sized needles and this book to get her going.

I loved the bright colors and fun styles in Learn to Knit, Love to Knit, especially the cute bobble hats! We got some multi-colored yarn and she has really taken off with it. The photos are great for a beginner, really clear and straightforward and show each little step to help anyone become familiar with this craft.

My daughter let me know that the needles I bought were a bit too thin and asked me to get some “fatter” needles for her, but other than that, she is doing great and enjoying the instructions and projects in Learn to Knit, Love to Knit. She’s part way through her first scarf and doing great. She’s picked out several other projects she wants to do after.