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Shawls and wraps are so nice to grab and throw on when I need to warm up or curl up on the couch with my favorite show or book. Modern Crocheted Shawls and Wraps has so many lovely examples of them, too. There’s a wide range of styles, some more light and airy and others quite sturdy and thick. I’m trying out the Navajo Sunrise wrap, since that’s about at my skill level (beginner!). All the projects are ranked by skill level which gives me something to look forward to as I work to improve my skills!

I’m a beginner knitter, so I got Learn to Knit hoping to get some more tips to help me improve my skills. I’ts very well done, with clear instructions and photos. In addition to information on techniques as well as tips, it also has lots of simple knitting projects that I found to be something I could actually do. There are simple scarves, hats and more that are pretty easy to make. I own several of the author’s knitting books, and this one is just what I needed to get going on knitting.

I first became acquainted with quilting as a young child going to my grandma’s house where she always had her living room filled with a quilting frame and a lovely quilt she was currently working on. I love the geometric patterns and how relaxing and meditative it is to work on a quilt. The author of Quilting Basics has included lots of excellent information in this book, starting with “What is Quilting?” and leading to lots of creative ways to use quilting, in addition to quilts. Photos of the final products are shown, along with clear step-by-step illustrations of the process, too. Excellent book!