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The first thing I noticed about How to Tie a Scarf was the cover, it had a silky feel to it, just like a scarf. I thought that was a pretty creative and fun way to present the subject matter, plus it is a perfect size to carry in my handbag. I love how scarves can easily add a touch of style and interest to any outfit. I personally only know a couple of (very simple) ways to tie a scarf, so I was ready to get some new ideas.

How to Tie a Scarf has 33 ideas, some more fitting for certain fabrics or shapes of scarves. The book details each step of the scarf-tying process in photos, so it’s really easy to follow. A lot of the suggestions are quite fun, like the No Lita Necklace style, and many are classic as well. I immediately tried the Marrakech and the Geneva styles, which weren’t difficult, but I could probably use a little more practice!

I have a couple of friends that I can’t wait to gift this book to, and I’d love to include a scarf in their favorite color with it, to let them try out some of the awesome styles in How to Tie a Scarf.