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This is straightforward book that shows, via black-and-white, step-by-step illustrations, how to use dollar bills to create a wide variety of animals. There are 32 in all, from dinosaurs to snakes to farm animals to an array of birds to many famous African animals, too. For us, this all comes in very handy during long church meetings.

My husband always has a few dollars with him, and once our young children’s attention runs out, he’ll quietly fold a bill into one animal or another. Not only are the kids quiet, but delighted with this simple interaction with their father. They’re trying to learn the folds too, with his help, and with the book as a guide. It’s turned into the surprisingly meaningful thing they can do together, and we’re all very happy with this simple yet wonderful — as in, “full of wonders” — book from Dover!

Maybe it was the Peppa Pig episode where George becomes a giant and travels to the end of the world and meets a friendly dragon who gives him her treasure. Maybe it was an episode of “How to Train your Dragon.” Or maybe it was a misinterpretation of some dinosaur book or documentary. Regardless, somehow our toddler girl is fixated on dragons. It was one of her first real words, and she always says it with a sense of wonder and joy. Okay, then. So what can we get for her, we wondered, that’s dragon-y enough to delight her?

She’s a little young for most books on dragons, as you might expect, but these punch and fold out dragons were really fun for her, and it was great to see her and her daddy making them (quite simple, really). And now she has a large, well-illustrated dragon board book that she loves to carry about and “read” to us or herself. The book is well illustrated, with parchment-like designs on each page, like an ancient book discovered in treasure chest. It’s really fun for her, and it’s given us a fun activity to do with her.