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This book is definitely not my grandmother’s embroidery style, but I love it! So fun and modern, it really motivates me to embroider, which I love to do. If you, or someone you love, wants to learn to embroider, I truly cannot imagine a better introduction than this wonderful book.

First, I should note that it is super well made — bound like a hardbound textbook, on high quality paper, with excellent printing and full-color photos on every page. The photos range from step by step photos, larger than I’d expect, alongside step-by-step instructions.

I just loved every one of the cute projects! They each have full-page photos show completed embroidery with diagramed comments telling the colors and specific stitches. The layout is quite clever and easy to follow. Similarly, the steps, tips, introductory materials, and helpful appendix, are all engaging, super helpful, yet very clear.

The dozen projects revolve around still-life designs of flowers, plants and succulents, in a variety of modern and clever designs. It’s easy to follow, even if you are a beginner and the very wide range of techniques and approaches seems quite complete to me. After going through these, I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t be ready to take on next. I think that this lovely book would make a wonderful gift — including for yourself!