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This is a delightful set which features games and activities you, and your children, can assemble and play with — all through the wonders of origami. The games and activities include things like a mini bowling set, catapults, jumping frogs games, finger football, and many more.

The booklet is 48-pages, saddle-stitched/stapled, with engaging text, colorful photos, and helpful illustrations, along with descriptions of how to play the games and activities. There are 48 solid-colored folding papers for all these projects and the instructions would work with any other papers you may have. Included are 75 stickers, like eyes for the frogs, which help make it even more fun.

This is an exceptional origami set for the little science nerds in your life. The full-color booklet is really fun and informational, exceptionally well-designed, and really could have been printed as a stand-alone book. It offers an engaging description of the scientific object you’re going to create in folded paper.

The set includes a infographic-style poster, and 48 illustrated folding papers, which are very well designed, as is the engaging booklet, which features full color photos, diagrams, and helpful instructions alongside inviting descriptions of many wonders of the universe. Projects include several versions of suns/sstars, planets, spaceships, and more.

True confession: We struggled with helping our children engage with the scripture, despite how engaging the Bible’s many stories can be. So we were all thrilled with this delightful origami set with figurines from the Bible. There is a nicely designed, full color booklet which shows you how to make 64 different people animals and more, with the included, printed sheets of folding paper.

Stories include Adam and Eve, the Annunciation, Jesus as the Good Shepherd (with his flock), Moses with the Ten Commandments (and golden calf), the Resurrection/Easter, Daniel and the Lions’ Den, David & Goliath, and Jesus’ Birth/Christmas. They’re a fun activity and a great way to help our children remember and consider these rewarding stories from scripture.

This is a delightful origami set for fans of exotic and endangered animals. The set includes instructions and papers to make whales, sharks, pandas, rhinos, sea lions, gorillas, elephants turtles, big cats, monkeys, and more. The booklet is quite in-depth and the patterned papers help make the figurines “come to life.” Some are (for me, a relative beginner) fairly complex but the instructions and videos (links included) help make them easy to do.

I’ve found that, once I learn one, I can do it over and over with other papers (official origami paper is thinner and easier, but with thicker paper, I just make them a little larger). The booklet includes information about each of the animals that is really quite fascinating. My kids and I are having fun with this educational and enjoyable kit! It would make a great gift, too!

When I was young, I made a friend who was originally from Vietnam and whose family had moved to America years before around the conclusion of the war there. They all seemed to maintain many of their traditions, including a family hobby of making origami animals. I noticed that two of them made fish but in different ways. I guess I’d assumed that there was only one way to make an origami fish, or bird, or whatever.

I wondered, way back then, how many different ways a person could make an origami fish… Well, I guess I found an answer! In this delightful set, with a helpful booklet and patterned folding papers, there are 20 different ways to fold a fish, as created by ten different origami experts, highly regarded around the world. Some are pretty straightforward while others are quite complex. Wow, what an amazing, fun and eye-opening gift!