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This nicely made soft-cover book offers an brief biography of AOC, “the face of the Democratic Party. And its best hope for the future.” It is well-written, engaging, and includes several black and white illustrations that are well done, too. The book mentioned the pushback she’s gotten from the right, in passing, while dwelling more on her accomplishments in school, without omitting the financial struggles she faced to do so. It’s an excellent book for libraries, schools, and others who want their girls to lift their sights.

This engaging biography explains how the world-famous young environmentalist went from a one-teenager “strike” against going to school into a global environmental force who shames the lackadaisical leaders who’ve allowed our planet to fall into such dire circumstances. It explains what and why she’s done what she has, drawing the ire of former-presidents, and led her into Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” award. The paperback is brief, given her short life, yet the engaging text and helpful black and white illustrations, will be an inspiration to young people who wonder if they can make a difference someday, too.

Rachel Carson is the author of “Silent Spring,” which is recognized as one of the “greatest science books of all time.” Overcoming adversity, not the least of which was because she was a woman, she researched and documented the environmental harm caused by many pesticides, including the poison DDT. Her book led to the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. her remarkable story, with helpful illustrations throughout, is told in an inviting, informative, and inspirational way. This is an excellenht book for anyone who would like to help young girls raise their sights on life and foresee the great impacts they can have on others, worldwide.