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Doodling for Foodies is a fun doodling and activity book that I think any food lover would enjoy — I sure do! The illustrations are cute, simple, and aside from doodling prompts, there are also pages with illustrations with examples of different types of foods — lettuces, cheeses, fruits, and breads, to name a few. These lists are actually really informative, too, like the spreads of herbs & spices, dim sum, and pasta shapes. I love the various foodie facts included, too, like that strawberries, raspberries and blackberries aren’t really berries, but tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelons, and avocados technically are. Fun book!

Doodling for Cat People is a cute and fun doodling, coloring, and fact-filled book that any feline fan would enjoy. I asked my family what their favorite parts were, and I’ve hardly seen the book since! Our favorite parts include: The many cute cats everywhere, the “20 Signs You’re a Cat Person” listing, How to doodle different cat breeds, drawing a cat’s facial expressions, design your own Kitty Kingdom play structure, and the Fashionable Furballs section, where I can add creative costumes to partially drawn cats. Lots of fun!

I’ve always wanted to visit London, so I’m really enjoying coloring and learning from Coloring A Stroll In London. It features a 9-inch tall, single panorama of London, featuring tiny people among all the sights to see. Since it is folded, accordian-style, I can color a little bit at a time. The back shows a detailed plan for a stroll to see the most famous landmarks of London, with interesting facts about each. It’s really fun, plus, I think it would make a great decoration or a fun gift for someone planning a trip to London.