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This is a charming coloring book for any fan of Alice in Wonderland. The 30 or so pages each feature a charming design based more on the original, classic John Tenniel illustrations rather than the Disney version. They’re fun to color, and I especially enjoy the various patterns of fabrics or flora throughout. My kids are enjoying coloring some of the pages, too.

This is essentially a reproduction of the original, classic 1917 treatise on using pastels by British painting instructor Leonard Richmond. The type throughout appears to be a direct photocopy of the typeface and layout, while the color images of famous pastel paintings from history are, no doubt, printed in better quality than they once were in the original volume.

This is designed for intermediate to expert artists, although beginners would find the book inspiring and informative as well. I have done pastels in the past, and am happy to try my hand again, now guided by one of the world’s true experts. Delighted to see this classic restored to print once again.

We’re off to see the wizard — of crocheting! Crochet Stories: L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz explains how to make the various characters of the Wizard of Oz books and film by crochet! Intended for intermediate to expert crochet-ers, it offers specific yarn buying guides, and step by step instructions — via classic abbreviations for different kinds of stitches — for 18 characters and settings. The results are so cute!