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Leisure Arts has some gorgeous new grown up coloring books! They also are running a giveaway right now and have a fun Valentine’s Day craft using a coloring page, too.

You can enter to win the Color Art for Everyone prize pack! One winner will receive everything 6 Art of Coloring books equaling 144 beautiful designs plus an awesome color pack which includes 72 colored pencils!

Check out the new coloring books below:

Art of Coloring Flowers is a beautiful all-ages coloring book. Some designs are simplified in a hip, child-like way, which I really enjoy, like the twenty-third page, which includes potted flowers, with abstract blossoms, vines and leaves between, all drawn with a uniform line width.

Another favorite includes cherry blossom branches with flowers in between and all around, rendered in varying line widths. Some pages are designed with repetitive patterns of the same stylized flowers, while others are more free flowing. There are many fun and engaging designs throughout. I think this would make a great gift for any colorist, regardless of skill level.

I think nature and animal lovers would love Art of Coloring Animals, a 24-page all ages coloring book. It features a variety of line widths and designs throughout, but most seem to include waves, floral, or Asian-inspired patterns within an animal shape.

For example, my favorite is a lion with geometric designs over his face and each tuft of mane. There are two turtles as well, one with Indian style designs within the segments of its shell, and another rendered entirely from floral designs. It’s an enjoyable and fun book to color, with lots of variety throughout.

Art of Coloring Patterns features 24 pages of various traditional and inventive patterns for all-ages coloring. There is a wide variety of designs included. My favorites include a paisley-based pattern (shown on the cover) and a page of Asian insignia, to an overlapping leaf-like design and an interconnected six-sided design with wavy interlocking borders.

It is surprisingly beautiful and very enjoyable to color. The pages are perforated for easy removal and framing, and are printed on fine quality paper in a soft-bound cover.

Art of Coloring Mandalas features a wide variety of circular pattern symbols. Some pages are single mandalas covering a full page, some are single ones but close up, and other pages several arranged on the page, overlapping or not. This 24-page all-ages coloring book is printed on very good quality paper. The line widths vary from page to page, so there is a lot of variety throughout.

The illustrations, being circular geometric patterns, are restfully repetitive, and I enjoy coloring them for fun, relaxation, and as a sort of meditation. My favorite pages so far are the cover image and the twenty-first page, which features an array of geometric patterns of varying sizes. It’s a lovely book of beautiful patterns with a variety of mandalas, and I think it’d make a great gift for beginning or more advanced colorists.