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After some brief instructions, this book offers many, many gift cards, scrapbook paper pages, and other detachable — and simple — paper crafts for the holidays. The designs throughout are quite varied, and all rendered in a friendly fashion yet at a professional level. I particularly like the ideas about making refrigerator magnets with the mini cards, they also make really cute gifts.

There’s lots of great ideas for holiday crafting and gifting including:

50 Christmas Greeting Cards
16 Holiday Gift Tags
18 Yuletide Mini-Cards
6 Festive Bookmarks
Large & Small Envelope Templates
Large-Format Art Frameables
34-page Seasonal Scrapbook Paper Gallery

What a delightful coloring book! It features dozens of Christmas illustrations and settings — all including kittens! The drawings are rendered with a thin line and light touch, and the kittens all have a very light watercolor-y bit of gray shading to help give their outlines a realistic shape and a three-dimensionality.

The backsides of each page features a charming quote about Christmas and/or cats. This would make a lovely early holiday gift for any cat lover, and help them get into the holiday spirit, too!

This fun and festive coloring book is helping me and my family get into the holiday spirit! It’s a great family activity to do while talking, listening to Christmas carols, alongside a cup of hot chocolate or mulled cider. The coloring pages each portray a Christmas setting, with one or (usually) more cute animals enjoying the holiday!

The two artists each have their own style, some are rendered more realistically, and others in a cuter style. Both styles are fun and easy to color. On the back, each page includes a quote about Christmas or beloved pets.