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This wordy Golden book includes delightful illustrations that retell the immigrant romance story, set in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic elements of nature, as firey Ember and transparent Wade meet and fall in love. When obstacles arise, will they be able to overcome them? If your child loves the popular Pixar film, this would be a great addition to your library, even if you summarize a few of the pages!

This is a fun and colorful accompaniment to the popular Pixar movie, featuring colorful artwork from their story, including original illustrations for this book. Here, the focus is more on the wonders of Element City, and less on their story. Yet, the book is told as an ongoing conversation, in a back-and-forth style, from Ember and Wade. It’s a clever approach as an engaging backgrounder for young fans of the film.

This paperback retells the story of the Pixar blockbuster by introducing the several major characters. The large text covers the characters well, with colorful illustrations and engaging writing, however brief. This is a great supplement to the film for second-grade level readers, and it’s an easy book to read to toddlers on up. It’s a clever approach for young children that my kids love.

This simplified retelling of the Pixar film’s story of Ember and Wade is still compelling, and the original illustrations help elevate it even further. If your children would enjoy a simple version of the story, to help them learning to read more complex sentences, and to reinforce the story sequence (an important reading element), this would be a great choice!

For older fans of the popular Pixar movie, this is the perfectly detailed retelling that those who love to read will really enjoy! The story is retold well, simplifying some aspects, while calling attention to details viewers might miss otherwise. Some of the elaborations are quite welcome, like what happened exactly when they touched, and why they can touch without harm. This is a surprisingly well-told novelette that readers who enjoyed the film will love — no matter their ages!