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I’ve been a big fan of Charm Love Friendship Bracelets‘s author Sherri Haab for many years. I bought a simple kid’s book about crafting with polymer clay and gave it my daughter. She started out using the ideas in it with playdough and then moved on to polymer clay. Over the last several years, she has really enjoyed working with polymer clay and has done very well with it. I have a few other books from Ms. Haab and have really appreciatied her creations and expertise.

In Charm Love Friendship Bracelets she combines both bracelet making and polymer clay together to make gorgeous jewelry. My daughter is a pre-teen now and loved the ideas in the book and has already made several of them to give as gifts to her friends.

There is a lot of good info at the start of the book for those new to polymer clay and/or jewelry making and knotting. I think the casual cord material works very well with the clay charms. Right now, I’m working on the Day of the Dead bracelet, first making the skeleton charms and then I will add the, to the knotted cord bracelet.

I also love the Native American pattern inner strength bracelet with a tiny clay bear that looks like it is made from turquoise. There are very clear illustrations for making the patterned macrame style bracelets, which made it easy for me to follow along. I’ve also learned some new techniques from Charm Love Friendship Bracelets for polymer clay, so that was an extra bonus!