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I’ve been a designer for many years, and I’ve always loved Celtic knotwork and I studied it in college when I majored in Art History. The complex designs can be confusing, but I love how this book makes it simple to follow. The author/designer offers two innovative — and very simple — approaches to designing unique celtic knot designs that make it easy enough for (almost) anyone to create their own.

One version is based on a dotted grid which helps plot out where everything is going, and helps simplify the overall design, and then fill in the details. There are also helpful instructions and step by step diagrams on drawing birds, people, and so forth, in the Celtic style. I’m learning a lot and have been able to recreate some of the simple forms on my own. Really enjoying this book!

I’ve lived by various seas throughout my life, and always have found it restful and relaxing to think about. This delightful coloring book is just the thing for people like me. This is a very well-design coloring book, with original artworks, even line-widths, and a lovely and playful design style that is as attractive as it is fun to color.

I like how there is a completed full color image on the cover and also inside the front and back covers. It helps me to see how the pages could be colored in and provides some inspiration. I think this would make a lovely gift, too. Excellent, high quality coloring book!