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I loved reading pop up books when I was a kid and how they came to life when you opened them up. I like how the cards in Pop-Up Cards are more than just a card, they are like a miniature piece of art. Plus, they also make a lovely keepsake for a loved one, too. I love the cute penguin and gorgeous carousel. I’ve started working on the daffodil card, since it looked a little easier for me than some of the others. I really hope to work up to making the medieval castle!

The Complete Photo Guide to Cardmaking starts out with a thorough techniques and tools area, if you are new to cardmaking. Like the title says, the book is photo based and has lots of images to help walk you through every step. I made the simple washi tape pennant birthday card, which was really easy to make, but turned out adorable. I really liked the way they used a card to frame tiny origami figures, it looked like a piece of art, gorgeous! So many great ideas and the instructions made it easy for me to create the cards.