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Fiona Goble, who lives in England and also wrote the delightful, Knit Your Own Royal Wedding, has come up with an adorable knitted Nativity, the Knitivity. All of the figures are so sweet and children would love to play with them, since they look so soft and cuddly. I’m only a beginning knitter, but I would love to brush up my skills to produce these little cuties! If you are a beginner too, the book has lots of helpful information on knitting basics to get you going. The book suggests that you can either knit them all at once or add a new figure each year as a wonderful family tradition.

A lovely addition to Knitivity is the Christmas story that is told throughout the book, using the knitted figures and charming illustrations. And all the figures look so precious with the backdrop that is tucked into the back of the book. I just loved this creative and unique take on the traditional nativity!