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I think 100 Amazing Paper Animal Snowflakes would make a fun activity and decoration during the holidays. There are 100 choices, in three levels of complexity, so my kids all found ones they liked. I thought the finished snowflakes had an Escher quality, as one animal is reflected over and over around the paper snowflake. There are helpful folding and cutting instructions in the introduction and the book also contains the patterns, which can be scanned in and printed, along with some already printed on thin paper which are ready to go.

The book also offers info for downloading the patterns straight to my device, so I can print them directly. After downloading my favorite patterns (PDF format), which was very easily done, I found the highest quality printing setting worked best for the dotted lines to show up clearly. I used a regular pair of sharp scissors and I also found that thin paper made it the easiest for me to cut out the designs. Great activity for kids for the holidays!