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The first thing I thought when I saw Yellow Owl’s Little Prints, is how it reminded me of being at summer camp and cutting shapes into potatoes or slicing apples in half and then dipping them in paint and stamping shirts. The author has taken that time tested craft (and several others) to a new level in this book, which has a fun, fresh and modern feel to it that is just really enjoyable to browse through. I also appreciate how inexpensive the ideas are are to create, while having the added benefit of being completely unique, too.

While Yellow Owl’s Little Prints includes ideas for shrink plastic, image transfer and stenciling, I found myself largely drawn to the stamping techniques, although using a rubber block mounted on wood is definitely a step up from my potato days! In addition to walking you through the steps of printing by hand, she also has many projects shown which utilize each of these approaches.

Lots of projects are included like an apron, bookplates, dishes and pillows, but my favorite has to be the woodland mobile which is shown hanging over her baby’s crib. Interesting extras, like color schemes for boys and girls or instructions on how to make a DIY stamp pad, are included as well. Of course, all the projects have templates in the back so they can be replicated, but I think they could certainly be used as a jumping off point or inspiration for my own ideas!