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With super high-quality printing and top-notch illustrations throughout this must be one of the the highest quality activity book I’ve ever seen. The activities and imagery revolve around both unicorns and Christmas, with about 100 pages of activities and fun. Inside the embossed and glittery cover, my kids are loving the activities such as doodling Christmas tree ornaments, matching silhouettes to an illustrations of unicorns making a snow-unicorn, a word search for fanciful unicorn names (for a Christmas card list), and much more. It’s truly creative and a holiday delight for anyone who loves unicorns and it’s been a great way for our family to make memories together, too.

I agree that too many of us place too much emphasis on what divides us rather than the many more things which unite us. In this story, a gnome lists off all the differences between gnomes and all the other fairy tale creatures we encounter on each two-page spread — until he is forced to recant each claim as the illustrations reveal them to be less than truly valid. The gnome is fairly grumpy about each apology (must be a gnome thing). But that reluctance helps drive the humor of the book. Excellent illustrations, beautifully rendered in multiple media, make each page a feast for the eyes while young readers consider if they, perhaps, are not looking enough at our similarities, rather than our handful of differences — especially when those differences are too inconsistent to matter.

This is a very impressive book that would be a welcome addition to any library or home — especially where homes where younger children are on the way. In less than 100 words, this clever book walks a little girl through how sometimes things are just for ourselves, yet at other times, it through sharing that life is made fun and activities more enjoyable. When it comes to various toys or household objects, the book asks, “How about sharing when it’s more than just you?” Meanwhile, the full-page painted illustrations are super engaging for readers of all ages. The book’s final page reveals that the little girl’s mother is pregnant and another sibling is on the way. Absolutely top-notch printing, paper, and binding.

This delightful book may well become an “instant classic.” Young parents may not realize how child-centered their lives will soon become when a new baby moves in. That distinction is explored in this engaging story, which tells of a slightly clueless royal couple who ask a fairy godmother for a “kid” of their own. Instead, they get a baby goat, or kid. The delightfully told tale is magnified through the charming illustrations which show a palace that gets more and more messy — and happy, too! Sometimes love and family make previous (mis)conceptions of our lives irrelevant. It’s a happy (and educational) process that may have never been better represented than in this wonderful book!

This is fun, starter origami set with lots of fairy tale elements and basic folds for early readers and up. There are numerous printed sheets both for background scenes and the characters and objects. There is also a sheet of stickers for character faces (in a variety of skin tones) and other fairy tale elements. The instruction booklet includes a guide to interpreting the folding directions and symbols. Paper, stickers, and instructions are included for: The Enchanted Frog, bag of gold, a shield, a magic sword, a Fairy Godmother, Princess, Knight, Wizard, Gnome, Witch, Big Bad Wolf, Little Pig, Ogre, and a friendly Dragon.