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Today I Feel . . .: An Alphabet of Feelings

This charming picture book is one of my children’s favorites. It is a simple ABC, with each letter denoting various feelings — rather than simple emotions. Some are quite complex. For instance, N is for Nervous, and shows a child peeking from behind a stage curtain, with their jaw dropped open. We don’t see the audience, so I ask my children what the child is seeing.

Each page leads to us chatting about how that would feel, and I think helps my children develop their empathy (and sympathy) for others. The watercolor illustrations are very well done, and evocative in various ways. For example, R is for relaxed, which shows the child floating in a pool. The water’s refractions show his/her body all wavy, which is a great way to convey the feeling of being relaxed, beyond their simply floating in a pool. Wonderfully done, and so very clever.