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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

There is so much to love about The Thing About Yetis. The story describes the different sides that people (and yetis) have — loving winter AND summer — and why that’s a good thing. It has some really good messages, like learning to be flexible and the limits of labeling yourself. My kids (and I) love to look through the cute illustrations, which have a fun, flat illustrative style, which reminds me of retro animation, with an updated look.

Each illustration has clever details and my kids giggle about all of the fun activities Yetis would do. I also appreciate that the children are multicultural and there is even one child participating in the fun from a wheelchair, which is great. The book itself is well-made and well-bound, with thick, high-quality paper and printing, and a fancy book jacket. This is a delightful book that my family and I enjoy re-reading again and again.