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I’d actually love to see a movie version of The Last Kids on Earth, which tells a comic story about a team of friends facing off against zombies and monsters at the end(?) of the world. I enjoyed the first person narration as it describes the clever weapons and tactics they use to mostly avoid — and occasionally fend off — the monstrous people of this small town. The story moves along quickly, with lots of humor throughout.

My concerns that the book might turn grotesque or violent were unfounded, and I found that the characters, which include the hero/narrator, a strong female (who is definitely not in distress), a brainy friend, and a now-reformed bully, do a good job of showing how great teams can succeed together. I also really liked how the illustrations were part of the story, too. I really appreciated the fun and wholesome messages about friendship, teamwork, and trying to be happy and enjoy life — even during difficult circumstances.