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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

This is an enlightening children’s book on generosity. With my own children, some seem to grasp the concept so well, and easily share with others, almost from day one. Yet for others, it’s a concept that always seems to elude them. Even when they learn, by rote, that generosity is important, they struggle with grasping WHY it’s important. And I’ve been worried about how to teach that to my kids. In today’s world, “producing value” often seems disconnected from the actual returns received.

It makes it hard to see that how our generosity of time, effort, and caring, encourages the same in others. So I was so excited to discover this book which conveys those concepts and more in a charming and simple story. A cardboard package runs around, meeting different children engaged in fun activities. The package wonders who it should give itself to (quite a metaphor, right there). Each child wonders if the book is “for me” — signaling the box is not for them — until a chorus of “mine!” chases the box away. Then, the package finds a single girl who wants to give the box to someone else. Guess who the package is happy to give themselves to? Such a lovely story!

The book itself is lovely, too. In the full-color, painted illustrations, the brushed outlines are filled in with watercolor washes (in and outside the lines) to charming effect. The printing and binding is top-notch. The paper is luxuriously thick. The hard-bound binding is designed to look like a cardboard box. It has an extra flap to help enclose the book, with a velcro closure. What a wonderful gift for all my children — and yours!