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Okay, I saw “The Lego Movie” and I was ready to become a serious Lego builder. Only problem is I could start building my own, gigantic Bricksburg or Lothlorian or Paris…! And, in about 20 minutes I would begin to see that my crane, waterfall, and Arc de Triomphe sure doesn’t look very realistic when its a jumble of primary-color, 4×2-pin Lego blocks. That’s when I found The Art of LEGO Design!

This ultra-creative book takes the techniques — and many, many different kind of Lego blocks — used by master Lego builders across the globe and shows how to create everything from realistic metal work, to wet-looking water, to stonework that rivals the master sculptors of Paris. Who knew the “half pin” block was so profoundly useful? Master builders, that’s who, including the many who were interviewed within the book.

The Art of LEGO Design is filled with hard-to-find hands-on tips by genuinely experienced builders, with real-world tips. For example, I thought the example of “Robin Hood rescuing Will Stutly” — which used grey bricks and slopes turned on their sides to create a cobblestone effect — was particularly genius, and something I’d have never come up with on my own. I learned a lot and can’t wait to create some new designs with my kids!