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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

My family loved the earlier book in this series, “Earn It,” which helped children learn about cause-and-effect in earning and saving money. This delightful book takes that further and looks at prioritizing our resources which, like cause-and-effect can be a little daunting for children (of all ages) to learn, accept, and make the best of it. Here, a patient bunny/mother explains how planning is integral to saving and spending our money (here, the “money” is Sonny Bunny’s three-carrots-a-week allowance).

The illustrations and hand-written text are a delight and perfectly express the exuberance of this charming book (which is remarkable given the potentially dry subject). Beautiful design, high-quality binding, nice dust jacket, rich paper — an exceptionally well-made — and written — book!