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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

My husband *loved* his chemistry set when he was a child, and he laments how such things aren’t available for children anymore. He has asked if we can come up with something like that to do with our own children, since it opens up a whole new world to them for understanding everything from cooking to science to engineering and much more. Sounds good, but how? And it better be SUPER fun for our screen-addicted kids today…!

So I’m super happy about this great little book — and so is DH and all our kids. We’re making a whole bunch of chemical concoctions that turn into really fun toys when we’re done. DH says it’s way more fun than a chemistry set, where you’d generally see the reaction then throw everything out. Here, with a few modest ingredients, our kids can make fun “toys” and see how a little work can turn into a lot of fun!

We’ve made goops with all kinds of textures, from gravelly kind with little pebbles in it, to glittery, to shiny, to magnetic slime, too! It’s all pretty easy and fun to do. My kids have figured out that the “activator” ingredients (e.g., borax hot water) can be used again and again for all sorts of results, and they’re realizing how many things in life are like that. So happy with this fun and educational book!