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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

When I was young, I was keen to make various inventions, like strings tied to the light switch which ran over to my bed, to turn off the lights when you’re already in bed (which is fantastic when you’re 8 years old and recently saw the original “Frankenstein.”) But somehow, I never made the connection between all those inventions and the trade of engineering. Regardless, I ended up working extensively online, but only after a lot of tangents. So I wish I’d had the Rosie Revere books to help me feel more confident about what ended up being not only my profession, but my avocation as well.

The book is a sequel/prequel/companion to the storybook, “Rosie Revere, Engineer,” and the two books would make a wonderful gift for any clever child. This volume is part activity book, part crafting, and part science experiments, offering a variety of craft and/or invention type projects that are fun, easy to do, and easy to clean up, too (win). The book is very clever, with a dynamic layout, explanations of supplies you might want, descriptions of different kinds of engineers, and lots of art, work, drawing, and real life projects. An excellent value and loads of fun. And it may set them on a profitable and worthwhile career, too!