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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

Today I am sharing with you an amazing new book with a secret hidden in its cover! The illustrations are cute and the book is very well-made; I loved the silver and fluorescent printing, too.

I found Robo-Sauce to be a simple, heart-warming story — with a big surprise at the end! It starts out with a boy, dressed as a robot, who is bothering his family. When they leave without seeing how much fun it is to play robot, the narrator offers the boy the top-secret formula for robo-sauce, which will change him into a real robot. But, things go awry and everyone, even the book itself, transforms into a robot!

Spoiler alert: When I reached the page that reads, “ACTIVATE ROBO-STORY,” I found a hidden, silver-foil printed book cover, folded up inside. So I covered the book, and inverted it, then read the rest of the book (backwards). It’s a simple device that is nonetheless very creative and fun. I’ve actually never seen anything like it. I think Robo-Sauce is a very clever book and my kids loved the surprise at the end, too!

About the author and illustrator:

Adam Rubin has been very involved in improv theater, and has even appeared in several commercials, doing a flying somersault catch in a White Sox ad and falling off a roof for the Lotto. Formerly in advertisting, he lives in New York City writing full time. Visit his website at

Daniel Salmieri has illustrated many fantastic picture books. He grew up in New York, constantly drawing and painting images of ninja turtles, dinosaurs, and fighter jets (not in the same scene…), and graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. Visit his website at