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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

This is a cute origami set with a generous amount of folding papers, in a variety of colors. The papers all can be kept neatly in a pocket of the inside cover. The accompanying book offers suggestions of various folk and fairy tales, like the city mouse and the country mouse, showing which characters and other objects could be crafted to include in the story.

My children are using them to make up their own stories, too, which is fun to see and they’re really enjoying themselves. The instructions are straightforward and helpful, and great for old or young. My kids are not only enjoying the activities but are proud that they made these puppets themselves, too.

This charming book is actually a playset, similar to paper dolls, but much more fun. The delightful illustrative style is similar to Blue’s Clues, perhaps, with a variety of very thick cardstock characters that you can punch out and dress up however you like, with stencils and more included to help.

Place your paper “clothes” and costumes on each and then open up the book to a particular two-page spread. The book has a hard-back with a spiral binding, so it is easy to setup and stay up! My kids seem to enjoy the outer space planet scene and the city street scene. It’s all well made, fun to play, and a great concept overall.