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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

We recently adopted a new kitten, so my kids and I are really enjoying How to Look After Your Kitten. It has cute illustrations on every page, and it breaks up accurate and reliable information into kid-sized bits that are fun to read, and helpful. We’ve especially learned a lot from the grooming and training sections.

How to Look After Your Puppy is a cute book that offers solid and trustworthy information about dog breeds, and how to care for your puppy. My kids love reading through it, it is fun and has many cute illustrations throughout. We’re talking through the book together as we plan our family’s next addition to our home. It’s a fun, easy-to-read yet reliable guide to all things puppies.

I’m really impressed with How to Build a Car. I have a son who is destined to be an engineer of some kind, as he is always trying to figure out how everything works, and this is a perfect gift for him. It’s from the junior division of art-book publisher Walter Foster, so the illustrations are excellent, both in terms of their detailed, retro appeal, and also in how accurate and informative they are.

Diagrams of the various components, such as the engine or suspension, are fun for kids, yet fully accurate, with little flags noting which part is which. The “technical tale” features a fairly in-depth story line of some anthropomorphic critters who decide they need to build a car. And although at first glance it seems like it is “just a kids book,” it encompasses everything I remember from a year of Auto 101, and then some.

I’ve shared different stories of flights I’ve gone on with my kids, so when we see planes flying by, they’ll sometimes ask how this or that works. How to Build a Plane makes it easy for them to learn more about just how planes work. The storyline of some friends building a plane together is fun and engaging, and the diagrams are fantastic — with a clarity and warmth you rarely see together. There is also a section about how planes actually fly, and what the instrument gauges are for. I think this book would be engaging for children of all ages, especially if they have an interest in flight.