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My family goes through lots of activity books every year — all ages coloring, dots, doodling, puzzles, and more. It’s something all of us seem to enjoy, and it affords some family togetherness time, as well as nice learning activities, too. I have to say that this Princess Pirates book is really the finest one of its kind this year. Geared toward toward young and middle aged girls (though it’s appeal ranges to all ages). It introduces the Princess Pirates — Topaz, Jade, Coral, Pearl, and Opal — who are princesses, studying at finishing school, when they find magic rings which transform them to make superpower-level use of their talents and abilities.

It’s an engaging concept and the characters and artwork are drawn in an appealing style, and offers a moral underpinning of teamwork, friendship, courage, loyalty and girl power. I don’t know if the concept will grow into a television or movie series, but the book alone is really something. It is hardbound with a spiral backing, so the pages lay flat for coloring, doodling, and scratch-and-draw. By using the included stylus, my family can scrap away the black coating, each page with a white outlined illustration, to reveal a rainbow gradient or rainbow reflective foil, underneath. It’s a surprisingly fun and enjoyable activity, for any age level. I hope the series continues and expands, and hope to see more of these scratch and draw books in the future, too!