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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

My kids and I already loved the song by Raffi, so they were extra excited about this fun picture board book.  It goes through the song and illustrates it with colorful scenes that are as sweet as the song! Both the words and illustrations are perfect for kids and easy to read to them, especially at bedtime.

What a fun book!  I love how the two caterpillar friends transform into something different, but still amazing.  It’s a good way to show how people can change too, but still be friends and find things in common.  There’s a page at the end of the book that explains to children the differences between moths and butterflies, beyond the obvious color differences.  Gorgeous illustrations and brief engaging text makes it perfect for all ages.

This simple book puts forth an important lesson for kids — sometimes the answer is “No”.  And that is okay, because tomorrow the answer could be “Yes”! This book has been a help to me to explain the concept of No for now, but Yes will come later.  Cute illustrations, too!

I love the theme of this delightful book, everyone wants and needs a place to call home that they feel safe living in.  The sweet mouse in the story looks and looks, going through all kinds of difficulties along the way, but eventually ends up in a place where he can tuck his home in a tree and be surrounded by true, loving friends.  Beautiful illustrations make it an extra compelling and engaging book.

My kids really loved this humorous book!  It actually gives a very accurate description of a cat’s life, at least our cats live just like this.  It goes through many things that cats enjoy and that they don’t enjoy, too, from sun up to sun down. The pictures are fun and you can really see exactly how the cat is feeling in them.  Great book for anyone who wants to learn more about the secret life of cats.