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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

This lovely book offers an important message for little children — or any girls, really — who worry about their appearance. Here, a little black girl is upset about her hair and wishes it was like other girls. Her mother sits with her on the stairs and explains, “I didn’t make you to be like everyone else. I made you to be you.” Then, the mother explains as the two journey through the heavens — as if in a vision; the mother shows her daughter how she prayed and God showed her all the skin tones, nose shapes, hair, eyes, smiles, and more. “All those extra things that make people unique.” Then, she chose her favorite ones for her daughter. The painterly illustrations are wonderful and inventive. I believe this would help comfort many girls, with loving mothers, to feel better about their features. As the mom says “Your hair, and all the parts that make you you, were specially chosen. You are all of my favorite things.”