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I hesitate to use the words “Instant Classic” — but not when a children’s book is as wonderful as this! Nowadays, it seems like our children (and grandchildren) are away from us more and more often. The demands of work, and distance we all seem to have to move away to find work, can make it more and more difficult to reassure our kids and grandkids that we always love them. Especially when you’re young, it can be hard to feel confident and capable when an uncaring-world threatens, all around.

This simple book turns that quandary on its head, offering a lovely rhyming poem which tells our kids that whatever they see around them can remind them of our on-going love for them (the wind is like our kisses, the waves are like us waving to them, and so on). The wonderfully sweet illustrations, rooted in a retro illustrative style, warmly convey the meaning of the words, that neither distance, nor all that’s going on around us, will weaken our love for them. Such a wonderful — and needed — book!

Accepting tragedy can be very difficult, for adults and children. Those mental and emotional difficulties compound when hardships follow one another — which often seems to be the case, especially once you’re traumatized and every challenge seems especially awful and threatening. “Misery loves company,” notes this beautiful and comforting book. One answer is to turn to help others, even when we have little to share, since “What is given from the heart reaches the heart.”

Here, a family that has faced the death of the father turns to help another family, in their congregation, who lost their home in a fire. The boy makes a children’s book to share with a girl his age. “Seeing li’l Sarah happy made me happy, too.” It’s a wonderful story, well told, with moving folk-art illustrations. The book comes with high quality binding and printing, on quality paper, with full-page illustrations throughout.