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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

This book offers a way to read and listen (via CD and digital download) to English and Korean versions of selected nursery rhymes in Korean. The text includes English and Korean versions with phonetic versions and in the original script. It’s a great way to help children reinforce what they know of the two languages, in a fun and engaging way. Yet, it’s more than just that, as a delightfully illustrated book, with great binding and printing.

The illustrations remind me of early Maurice Sendak drawings, so cute and endearing. The rhymes are surprisingly delightful. Vivid descriptions of fun childhood activities and fun, from a Korean perspective. If you are an American Korean family, this is a must-have book for your children and grandchildren. With the changing relationships between the US and South and North Korea, learning the language from these delightful poems could be a valuable asset in years to come.