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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

Almost since birth, our littlest has found her older sister the most fascinating thing/person in the world. She spends much of every day watching and copying her. That’s all good, and her older sister is (usually) patient enough that it isn’t a problem between them. Lately though I’ve become a little concerned that she has begun to label herself, in a sense, as being perpetually “lesser” than her older sister. So I am thrilled with this wonderful book. It tells a simple story of a young giraffe with a taller/faster/braver older brother.

During a game of hide and seek, she (he?) finds that, to all the African animals around them, she is tall, fast, and brave on her own. I think a comparative mindset can just ruin people’s lives, and it’s so important to simply realize we live and stand on our own, not perpetually “in “comparison with others. This is such a great book to instill that understanding at a young age before such misconceptions can lead a child astray into discouragement (or worse). The illustrations are charming and fun, and the printing and binding are very high-quality. I’d recommend this for any younger siblings out there and for libraries and schools as well.