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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

I remember my first flight in a jet airliner — not so much for the plane ride itself, but more for the fun Colorforms set my mom gave me to keep me quiet on the plane ride. I’m sure it worked! I really enjoyed playing with the clear vinyl stickers, which create a vacuum between the settings and figures and decor I could add to each scene.

Here, with Jumbo stickers of little hands – farm animals, those fun sets are re-imagined in a farm setting, which is a wonderful thing, since they offer infinite amounts of play because the “stickers” can be removed again and again and placed elsewhere. It’s a quiet, indoor activity which allows for imaginative play, design and decorating skills, and allows children to express themselves in different ways, over and over. The animals themselves are quite cute, and the farming setting is ready for all kinds of adventures on each page! My kids are really enjoying playing with this, and it brings back such fun memories for me, too.

I truly enjoyed my Colorforms sets when I was a child. They were a fun way to decorate and design little imaginative scenarios quietly, by myself or with others. It was a fun and quiet activity (especially good for long church meetings). So, I’m delighted to share the fun with my children, too, with Jumbo stickers of little hands – jungle animals.

The set is quite large, and offers infinite play, since the smooth vinyl surfaces create a vacuum between the pieces, holding them firm, until you lift them off to create another imaginative scenario. The animals are very cute with witty designs and activities afoot. Wonderful imaginative play anytime. If they get anything on the pieces, I just wipe them off and they’re good as new, ready for playtime, again and again.