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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

When I was a child, I had to move, in an untimely and difficult way. It was followed up by other moves and, all in all, it took a harsh toll on my perspective on life, which followed me well into adulthood. It was many years before I could fully set that upending of my life and security aside. If only I’d had this book to read and re-read back then!

The book follows a young girl who was relocated after a natural disaster. She talks with the people around her and realizes they have had mixed reactions to their relocations, too.

Eventually, she finds a way to identify and celebrate the many happy things which remained, amid her sacrifices and hardships. Such a valuable lesson for children today, whether they’ve endured disasters themselves, or just moved across town.

The book itself is beautifully printed, well-bound, and comes with a nice dust jacket. The story is longer than many children’s books and would be especially well suited for a wide range of reading children — up through the tween years.

The illustrations are a vivid, colorful and charming. They seem to be based in a retro/vintage 2D-style — Gyo Fujikawa meets Eric Carle — which is a delight throughout, with lots of fun details offered in a folk-art perspective. Really fun to look at, for all ages.