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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

What a wonderfully designed book — and with such an important message, too. I worry a bit that today’s children may take their parents for granted more than ever, even while parents feel constrained to do more and more for their families. At the same time, I don’t think nagging my kids about appreciating DH and I more is really the answer. So I was honestly thrilled to see this this beautiful book, which helps correct that trend, I believe.

It breaks down the many tasks — or professions, if you will — that a mother might face in a given day — such as a “general” giving tasks to her children, an “archaeologist” digging for clothing in the laundry, or an evening “DJ” playing music for her kids to dance along to. It is an engagingly written book with absolutely charming photographed illustrations. Each page is illustrated with wool felt figurines acting out each job throughout the day, set in realistic diorama-style setting. It is such a wonderful book, and my own children seem to have a new appreciation for us parents, both as people, and for all the many, many things we offer and do with them each day.