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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

What a delightful book! An instant classic, “Goodbye, Friend! Hello, Friend!” is a warm and loving introduction to letting go of the past to embrace the possibilities of the future, or as the narrator tells explains, “Goodbye to today… is hello to tomorrow. Because every goodbye… leads to a hello.” The book is lovely, with darling crayon-like illustrations. It is well bound, with a hardcover and deluxe dustjacket, with top quality paper and full-color printing throughout.

In each two-page spread, we see colorful scenes of before’s and after’s, as a child lets go of one thing, only to discover something new on the next. The beauty of the book is only surpassed by its poignant message. Struggles both simple and complex are covered eloquently and with sensitivity — including moving, starting school, the death of a pet. These challenges merge with exploring the on-going flow of time, as the night follows day, the seasons come and go, and as the joys of each new possibility are discovered — and enjoyed!

I love this endearingly simple yet profound book! It’s a must for your children’s library!