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I vividly remember the scene in the Disney film, “Big Hero Six,” where a frazzled, adoptive mother rants to herself, wondering out-loud how to raise these kids, clearly frustrated over the past several years of ineffectiveness, before she finally asks herself, “Should I have picked up a book on parenting? Probably!” I was reminded of this when my obviously frustrated daughter was re-watching the film with me. I decided to look for a book which could help her clarify and understand the changes she is going through — especially from someone other than her mother. Girling Up is that book.

As you might already know, Dr. Mayim Bialik is a former girl, a current and child (“Blossom”) actress, and now, a neuroscientist as well, and she brings her wealth of knowledge, education, and experience to her numerous best-selling books on parenting and more. This book is addressed to young women, and helps those — like my daughter — grasp and succeed at life, rather than simply marveling in horror as her brain (literally) expands into adolescence and beyond. After a little pep talk as to what this unusual birthday gift was, she seems to have become more and more engaged with the book, devouring these secrets of growing up well. The understanding my daughter is gaining seems to have helped her gain more poise and quiet confidence — the kind that comes from truly understanding.