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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

This is a clever, paint-by-numbers book — but with stickers — which features eight animals from the African grasslands as portrayed in a modern/tribal geometric style. I should note that while this isn’t for very young children, the stickers themselves have thick black lines which might appear as though each animal is created from, like, dozens of rectangular stickers. That’s not the case, and I’d guess that each animal is made up of 25-50 stickers. So, not too easy, not too hard. Each animal has eight different traits listed, so it’s creative and educational.

This fun activity book is for children who are able to read and enjoy wildlife, puzzles, and stickers. It offers facts on eight woodland animals — owls, foxes, etc. — including brief info on their life span, habitat, family, survival skills, diet, how to identify them, typical behaviors, and special traits or abilities they have. There are about 35 stickers for each animal, which are numbered, fun to put together, plus there is an image of how each should look when complete. It’s a creative and educational book, and is part of a larger series that my children all enjoy.